Gremlin Announces Free Tier for Their Chaos Experimentation Platform

From InfoQ

"The Gremlin team has announced "Gremlin Free", which provides the ability to run chaos engineering experiments on a free tier of their failure-as-a-service SaaS platform. The current version of the free tier allows the execution of shutdown and CPU attacks on a host or container, which can be controlled via a simple web-based user interface, API or CLI.

At the end of 2017 the Gremlin team announced the first release of their chaos experimentation SaaS product that supported the coordination of multiple attacks on hosts and the associated infrastructure. In 2018 application-level failure injection (ALFI) was also added, which supported running attacks on individual application services or functions. One of the primary attacks throughout the evolution of the product has been the shutdown of instances, which was partly inspired by the Netflix Chaos Monkey -- one of the first chaos engineering tools within the cloud computing domain.

The Gremlin team has argued that although the Chaos Monkey tool is useful, it does require time to learn how to safely operate. The original tool also only supported AWS (although additional tooling has emerged that offers similar instance shutdown abilities within Azure and Google Cloud Platform). With the launch of Gremlin Free, the Gremlin team is aiming to reduce these barriers to running chaos experiments, and facilitate teams in quickly seeing the value from doing so.

For engineers looking to explore the new free tier, Tammy Butow, principal SRE at Gremlin, has created a "Shutdown Experiment Pack" that is available on the Gremlin website. This provides a detailed walkthrough for running five chaos experiments that shutdown cloud infrastructure hosts and containers on AWS, Azure, and GCP (for which cloud vendor accounts are required), and also shutdown containers running locally with Docker.

InfoQ recently sat down with Lorne Kligerman, director of product, and discussed the motivations and future plans with Gremlin Free."

And you can read the rest of the interview here.

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  • Roll this into DevOps.

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