Markus Covert and Mycoplasma

Mike Notes

In 2014, I read an article in Scientific American by Markus Covert at Stanford and the successful computer cellular simulation of mycoplasma. It was a fascinating article that made me think about PIPI and whether it could have been built better in 2005-2008.

When my wife and I left Christchurch in 2014 to start a new life, I became curious about modern cloud computing and read a great deal. I then realised that PIPI was a very early form of cloud computing, and many of its features were 10 years ahead. What a waste!

By 2016, I got wild about losing the opportunity and decided to rebuild PIPI as a core platform from memory.

From 2017 to 2019, PIPI 6 was built by fusing the rebuilt core platform with Covert Lab's open-source cellular simulation software. It was challenging to do and was the cause of an unusual architecture.

Every process was given a random probability. And a lot of positive and negative feedback loops. It was a bit like composing music (In hindsight, synesthesia helped a lot). 

A Computational Whole-Cell Model Predicts Genotype From Phenotype

A 2013 talk by Markus Covert at the Qualcomm Institute.