Matthew West (1953 - 2023)

Mikes Notes

I was saddened to read of the recent death of Dr Matthew West in the UK on August 1 2023.

I had some contact with him on the Ontolog Forum. He was a great help to me when sorting out critical issues with PIPI about using BORO, 4D'ism, schema, data catalogues, and upper-level ontologies. 

He did pioneering work on integrating space-time into data models (4D'ism). He was very experienced and right on a lot of issues.

I first discovered him while searching for information about temporal data models. Then, I came across the UK Digital Twin Project, of which he was the technical lead, to discover a fascinating series of reports on ontologies and frameworks. He then led me onto the Ontolog Forum that I joined. So, thank you, Matthew.