Later this year, Ajabbi will arrive on the web and host Pipi. 

The different subdomains could go on different host environments, and all will function as one website.

Here is a planned outline.
There will be more information in the handbook;

The name Ajabbi comes from the name of the logon account I had in 1970 as a member of the James Hargest High School computer club. At that time, Databank was a company jointly owned by NZ banks to handle cheque processing using the Fortran programming language. Databank provided a mobile version of Fortran 66 called Portran for school students to learn computer programming. The programs used hand-punched cards.

Pipi is cloud software that reduces waste and enables self-management in complex human systems by breaking down silos. Public health systems are a great example.

Ajabbi will be established as a not-for-profit foundation that owns and operates Pipi.

To do this, the ranked priorities of the foundation are;
  1. Secure
  2. Resilient
  3. Useful
  4. Efficient
  5. Accessible
  6. Localisation
  7. Viable
  8. Low-cost
  9. Open
  10. Community
  11. Non-profit

It is a disgrace that large cloud software systems can be hacked and people's privacy breached.

Software for critical systems needs to be very stable and 100% reliable all the time.

Great software for things that matter to most people can help make a better world.

Sloppy code bloat is unacceptable. Highly functional software can also be beautiful.

All disabled people have the right to work and support their families. Software should help with this.

Humanity uses over 7000 languages and 200 plus writing scripts. So should software.

It should be self-financing and not dependent on grants.

It needs to be affordable for those who need to use it. Minority languages should not cost more.

SaaS applications should be made available on GitHub. Parameters and config should be publicly available.

The user community should drive the governance, development process, provision of training, and translation.

The purpose is not to enrich investors. It is to make a better world.

Last Updated 12/07/2024