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Each year, Sacha Greif publishes regular surveys on using various web technologies. These surveys involve the opinions of tens of thousands of web developers and show trends over time. The reports are published in many languages and are considered authoritative.



"This whole thing started because of my own confusion. Way back in 2016 I knew I needed to step my web development game up, but I didn’t know where to start or which framework to pick. I figured other people might be struggling with the same issue, and so the State of JavaScript survey was born.

Later on, thanks to Raphaël Benitte’s dataviz expertise we were able to not only turn the State of JavaScript survey into one of the biggest developer surveys around, but even launch the State of CSS survey, which itself has gone on to play a key role in the ecosystem by informing browser vendors’ roadmaps.

Then Alexey Pyltsyn helped us manage volunteers to translate the surveys in over 25 languages, Sarah Fossheim gave us a hand with accessibility, Chris Kirk-Nielsen contributed some amazing t-shirt and logo designs, Kilian Valkhof pitched in to help with mobile testing, and Philip Jägenstedt helped unlock vital funding for the surveys as well as connect us with key players in the ecosystem.

And today, thanks to Eric Burel’s back-end know-how we’re building a new survey platform and using it to launch a third survey, the State of GraphQL.

Take all these people; add many more contributors, volunteers, and translators; and finally me, Sacha Greif; and what you get is an amazing community of developers spanning the globe. We needed a name for this collective, so say hello to Devographics " - Sacha Grief

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