How Signiant documents their API

Mikes Notes

I found this API documentation page. It is generated by Swagger, and it looks great.

"Signiant Flight Deck provides a REST API to automate user management, user group, agent groups, jobs, resource controls, and job groups through the Manager software." - Signiant

List of API Endpoints

API Endpoint Example

The code

    "user": {
      "userName": "exampleuser",
      "fields": {
        "accessAcls": [
            "edit": true,
            "execute": true,
            "read": false,
            "remove": true,
            "userName": "admin"
        "cell": "1-555-555-1234",
        "email": "",
        "failedLoginTimePeriod": "24",
        "fax": "1-555-555-4321",
        "firstName": "Example",
        "groups": "exampleGroup",
        "ignoreAdministrationForSoapAuth": false,
        "lastName": "User",
        "maxAllowedLoginAttempts": "10",
        "menus": [
            "name": "Groups",
            "parent": {
              "name": "Jobs"
        "organization": "Example Organization",
        "password": "aValidPassword1",
        "phone": "1-555-555-1111",
        "roles": {
          "isTemporary": false,
          "isAdminGuiLogin": false,
          "validFrom": null,
          "validTo": null,
          "isSysAdmin": false,
          "isOrgAdmin": false,
          "isWorkflowAdmin": false,
          "isWorkflowSupervisor": false,
          "isCompEditor": true,
          "isMonitorUser": false
        "title": "Dr."

Mikes Notes

For security, use both

  • API key
  • Access tokens from an authorisation server

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