Google Cloud Next '19

Google is holding a 3-day developer conference Cloud Next '19 in San Fransisco April 9-11. It started today at 4am NZ time.

There are 6 streams running at the same time covering a variety of topics.

All of the conference sessions are available live-streamed and also on-demand. I'm watching all the conference sessions.

Here is a playlist of all sessions.

I'm following;
  • Running on cloud, on-premise and multi-cloud.
  • Data storage.
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • AI strengths and weaknesses.
  • Security.
  • Product demos.
  • Google Cloud road map.
The conference and many previous conferences are also available on YouTube.

There were 32 recorded sessions from the first day alone, so .... maybe 90 hours of watching coming up.

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