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  • From the website ..."Roger Sessions is the world's leading expert in IT Complexity Analytics. He has been interviewed by ComputerWorld, CIO, Information Age, and Information Week, among others, and is often quoted by Gartner and other industry pundits.For more than a decade, his books and white papers have defined the field of IT Complexity Analytics. He has been honored as a Fellow of the International Association of Software Architects for his many contributions to the field. His SIP methodology is the gold standard for Complexity Management, and is the only approach to simplification that has ever been granted a U.S. patent."


Partition to Reduce Complexity


Mike's Notes

  • A linear increase in functionality and dependency leads to a logarithmic increase in complexity.
  • The rise in complexity and risk of failure in big IT projects is a power law.
  • Partition and simplify to reduce complexity
  • Partitioned chunks of functionality then suitable for Agile teams
  • The maths is sound
  • Puts maths behind what Martin Fowler writes
  • Not in contradiction with Zachman's ontology
  • Complements Google reWork study results
  • Training is expensive


  • I did an extensive search on the web of everything available by Roger Sessions.
  • Stored at Work > Research Projects > Computer Architecture > Roger Sessions

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