Next on List is DevOps

So having completed a crash course study into DevOps over the last few months, the next task is actually setting up DevOps as part of the stack, before I go any further.

So far I haven't even needed to use formal version control with the refactoring. It was pretty much "snip snip snip" into microservices and a bit of a tidy up along the way over the last 18 months. All looks good and it works in a rough sort of way.

But it is a very different story now getting it ready to deploy to the cloud so people can use it.


So what am I looking for in setting up DevOps?
  • Version control
  • It has to scale, be robust and reliable
  • Automated builds
  • Automated testing
  • Automated deploy to multiple cloud environments
  • Automated everything
  • Continuous development
  • Great for teams and remote developers
  • Frequent small commits to the main branch and test
  • Can also generate documentation
  • Great reporting
  • Great integration with other tools via open API
  • Can include Database versioning
  • Continuous Integration (CI)


It has to work with Java, Python, Julia, SQL, CFML, AJAX, XML/XSD, JSON/YAML, Javascript, HTML5, CSS and more.


My gut preference is to go open-source, with both command line and good GUI available, and be well documented.

So what is out there?

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