Matthew West (1953 - 2023)

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I was saddened to read of the recent death of Dr Matthew West in the UK on August 1 2023.

I had some contact with him on the Ontolog Forum. He was a great help to me when sorting out critical issues with PIPI about using BORO, 4D'ism, schema, data catalogues, and upper-level ontologies. 

He did pioneering work on integrating space-time into data models (4D'ism). He was very experienced and right on a lot of issues.

I first discovered him while searching for information about temporal data models. Then, I came across the UK Digital Twin Project, of which he was the technical lead, to discover a fascinating series of reports on ontologies and frameworks. He then led me onto the Ontolog Forum that I joined. So, thank you, Matthew.

From the Ontolog Forum Bio

Matthew joined Information Junction, as a director in 2008, where he delivers consultancy in information management, and is the Technical Lead for the UK Digital Twin programme. He gained a BSC and PhD in Chemical Engineering and joined Shell in 1978, initially as a Refinery Technologist, but from 1987 on the computing/business interface with a particular interest in Information Management and Data Modelling. He has been a key technical contributor to ISO 15926 "Lifecycle integration of process plant data including oil and gas production facilities" and IIDEAS (ISO 18876) - Integration of Industrial Data for Exchange, Access and Sharing. He also developed a data model of Shell's Global Downstream business.

Matthew was the Shell Visiting Professor in the Keyworth Institute at the University of Leeds. He is a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, the British Computer Society, and he is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional. He is a member of the Ontolog Board of Trustees.

He is the author of "Developing High Quality Data Models" and was awarded an OBE for services to information management in the 2021 New Years Honours List (UK).

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List of publications from his website

Here you will find selected references to books, papers, articles, and presentations that I have written that are in the public domain. For many of them electronic versions of the documents are available here or elsewhere on the web.

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  1. I was his colleague on Ontolog Forum for various ontology Summits and sessions lasting about 6 months every week and was also briefly on the Ontolog Board of Trustees.