Welcome to my world.

This website allows me to write brief working notes while developing software projects. I'm happy to share my notes and welcome comments and helpful suggestions.

Some of the earlier material is being reposted from my archives of many years and shares the same author dates as in the archives. I no longer agree with some of this earlier stuff, but it's practical and an honest historical record of my learning. The notes often quote Wikipedia, other websites or books so I know where to go looking.

The notes cover architecture, data modelling, cloud computing, complexity, code, development and operations, API, user interfaces, art, philosophy, science, mathematics, and more. Interesting books and talks included.

This website is a work in progress and will change its layout quite a bit over time. Later, it will link directly to the software, user documentation, support, etc.

I strongly believe in the right to privacy, security, and usability. Software needs to be helpful and meet the needs of human society. A lot of it doesn't. A lot of it is a massive waste of resources.

Please note: This blog is for a technical audience and is to help Mike (me), who has synesthesia (that's why everything is colour-coded), keep notes and share them with collaborators. This blog is not intended to be accessible.

How this website is organised

About Me

That describes it well.


Why I'm doing this.


A grand index of this website.


This page.


Anything else people want to know goes here.


A glossary of technical terms

Life-long Learning

Some of the useful courses that I have been doing


A list of useful websites.


All my notes go here as I work on projects, figuring out what to do.


The historic name for a series of web-based projects I was part of and still am. An outline of its history with links to notes.


What I'm reading.


A direct link to my happy place - my art studio website.


Science related to my software with links to articles, talks and research.


Public talks and presentations go here.


A list of tools I use with links to reviews.

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