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My name is Mike Peters: I’m an artist, software designer and former metal worker with a passion for science.

Starting 20 years ago, I spent 10 years building a cloud platform in NZ and now after an absence of 10 years have come back to the fold.

But the world of IT has changed and I need to learn new skills. This blog is a place to put all my notes while doing software projects.

Now it turns out that I'm blatantly autistic and dyslexic. It does take me forever to write, spell and get grammar right without the help of a spell checker or Grammarly or my clever wife.

What that also means is that I have a 3d detailed visual model in my head for everything I have designed since the age of 4. I once designed and then built an 800 table database-driven national biodiversity platform with 500 objects and 3,000 methods using that trick. But oops not a drop of documentation. I must remember to document.

However inventing, designing and doing crazy stuff no one else would think of is as easy as eating chocolate cake so I'm not complaining.

Besides, I cheat a little. I use visual IDE's, diagramming tools, loads of code generators and I can always get someone else to do the user documentation.

Command-line - Nah - another job for someone else.

Mailing Address

PO Box 902
Invercargill 9840
New Zealand


Mt Chocolate

Art Studio


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